Our Culture

When you think about culture, you associate it with people, their customs, their way of life, how they do what they do. A business culture is formed by not only the people who create it or run it but also by the individuals or organizations who engage with a businesses products or services.

E-ntrepreneur was designed to offer the most engaging, more appealing and most lucrative opportunities for families worldwide based on its ability to enjoy integrity in everything we do. Integrity is at the core of our universe and all other attributes of our business stem from their, our customs, our practices, our relationships with our partners, vendors, and, of course, our valued Business Associates. Our Business Associates are our representatives, the champions of our brand. Their integrity is measured by each new member they introduce to the SaveMate platform.

Each and every Business Associate must maintain the highest moral and ethical standards as they invoke and value integrity as our voice in the world. We place a great emphasis on personal integrity and responsibility that we expect of our associates as they venture into the communities in which we operate. Business Associates are nothing without the language of trust and must represent our business in compliance with the laws, expectations and local customs.

We are nothing and have nothing if not for integrity, credibility, reliability and honesty. We don’t take this for granted and one associate needs to be able to look another associate in the eye and know that they represent the same belief. Everyone in our organization has a fiduciary responsibility to everyone else. As they say, teamwork makes the dreamwork. There is a tremendous principle in that statement.